New Year New Travel Plans (and a look back)

Travel wise 2017 was a pretty big year for us. We visited friends in Wales, and at the same time learned about the opportunity that took us to Morocco.

Sold all our stuff, rented our house, and arrived in Morocco!

Went to Disneyland Paris! Which was the kids first Disney experience, and actually super fun for the whole family!

And we explored Morocco a bit!

2018 will be another big year I think, and we already have a few trips planed.

January – no plans as of yet, and I suspect we won’t make any.

February – Rome! And hopefully some visits from friends and family.

March – nothing as of yet, but I’m hoping to get in a weekend trip two somewhere close.

April – London for all of us (fingers crossed) and Seattle for the kids and I. David will be spending the time we are away working 🤨

May – nothing as of yet, and that likely won’t change.

June – Paris.

July – Seattle, hopefully Wales, and a Ireland (no specific plans yet for while we are there)

August – more Ireland, and then home to Casablanca.

September – December we have no plans as of yet, but we are currently thinking of staying in Morocco and really exploring the country.

I’m sure some things will change as they year progresses, but that’s the plan so far!

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