Another week another cold.

Yep you read that right we were sick again! I am kinda thinking this is like the first year of having a kid in daycare or school you just get EVERYTHING. Add to that all the new country germs and bam a new cold practically every week! At this point in just crossing my fingers that it’s better next year. I made a few new things to eat this week which is always exciting for me, but other than that it’s basically the same old same old around here. We did have our first dinner guests last night, which was pretty fun!

I took very few pictures this week, but here are the few I did take! 😬

Sick day movie watching. The internet was good to us and we were able to watch something other than the ones we have downloaded.

Tangine round two! Much better than round one.

Proudly displaying her artwork

Me updating our daily spending average. We are currently averaging about 178mad a day. That’s based on the whole time I have been calculating (about 3 months) and excludes day we were out of town. That figure doesn’t include clothes, other non grocery purchases or utilities. Food and utilities usually nets us around 5,000mad. Any other random extras are on top of that, but I try to avoid them when possible because it cuts into our travel money.

Ok that’s all for now! No big plans for the weekend just Family time and friends for dinner tonight!


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