Rome trip day 1: A travel day.

I have so many pictures, and thoughts to go with them that I’ve decided to break the trip up by day. Day one was our travel day; Casablanca to Rabat, and then Rabat to Rome. Because we were trying to keep our budget under control for this trip I searched all nearby airports to find the cheapest flights. Rabat was much cheaper than flying from Casa and only an hour away so we opted for that flight. The downside was that the flight didn’t leave till late in the evening. No problem we thought! We are traveling light, so we will just spend the day sightseeing in Rabat before the flight. We did enjoy our day in Rabat, but I think our overall conclusion is that the added travel (and cost related to it) was not worth the cheaper ticket price. Overall it probably would have cost us about the same to fly from Casablanca and would have been way less time consuming. More on my thoughts on budget carriers at a later time. Let’s get to the fun stuff!

The train to Rabat

It’s only about an hour trip and we had lunch along the way. Lunch consisted of everything left in our fridge.

A little fun along the way

In theory the walk from the train station to Chellah (our destination) is about 20 minuets. In the real world of walking with small children it took us most of an hour. We had fun along they way and cajoling 2 small kids (that you refuse to carry), to walk just takes time.


Tons of pictures I know… but this truly is one of the hidden gems of Rabat. The site was first occupied by the Phoenicians and then fell under Roman control around 40 AD. The Romans abandoned the city in 1154 and then in the 14th century the Merenid Sultan Abou al-Hassan Ali built a necropolis on top of the Roman ruins. The juxtaposition of the cultures is visible throughout the site, and we found it to be a perfect precursor to our trip to Rome. A colony of storks has taken over the site and their graceful presence really add to the majesty of the site.

Off to the airport

After Chellah we caught a taxi to the airport, had a snack and boarded our flight to Rome! Ryanair wants you to do everything online, but their site wouldn’t let us print our boarding passes so we got these sweet handwritten ones instead. The flight got in at 11:30pm local time (10:30pm our time) and we headed straight to the hotel to sleep.

More tomorrow on our first full day in Rome!

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