Rome day 2: Trajan’s Column and Coliseum.

We were up pretty early (thanks kids) and headed out to breakfast. All four mornings we ate at the same place, an Irish pub directly across the street from our hotel.

Ellie really enjoyed playing with the coasters like trading cards, and once our food arrived she learned the joys of dipping into a perfectly fried egg.

David and Patrick planned our route for the day. Patrick carried his own map in his pocket every day. He really liked having ownership in our route and what we were going to see that day. His list was often much more ambitious than ours! 😂

Meanwhile I sat and drank several cappuccinos.

Then off we went down National towards Trajan’s Column and the “wedding cake building.”

The first of many stairs.

Trajan’s Column.

And the ruins around it.

Patrick was instantly engaged by the site and really interested. He couldn’t stop shouting “this is amazing!”

Family picture! Ellie was not interested in participating at all.

Patrick and I with the “Wedding Cake Building” behind us. The building is more formally known as The National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, he was the first king of unified Rome. Patrick loved looking at it and asked to go back on our last day. It’s not as popular with some Romans since it was built much later than its surroundings and mixes several architectural styles.

A quick stop for a statue pic along the way! Behind us is the Trajan’s Market museum, we went inside on our last morning so more about that later.

Bubbles! So fun until you fall down… Patrick had a total wipeout on a slick spot and Ellie was moving so fast I don’t have a single picture with her whole body in the frame!

Our second cappuccino stop of the day! Also known as a bathroom break. This was at the tourist information center just before the Coliseum.

The Coliseum! The line was over an hour to get in, but we skipped the line by paying for a tour and walked straight in. The cost was not that much more, and it saved us an hour of standing in line with small children. So money well spent in my book! We ditched the tour after the first 15-20 minuets and just walked around on our own for a bit before heading off to lunch!

Lunch! Pizza and wine (for the adults). Food and drink were big on our agenda for this trip, and we enjoyed all of it. We went whole hog; gelato for our morning and afternoon snacks, wine with lunch and dinner, dessert after dinner every night, and lots of cappuccinos in between.

A little post lunch photo session with the Coliseum since Ellie was in the mood. I think it resulted in our best family photo of the trip!

Our next stop was Santa Maria Maggiore. The church is beautiful inside, but I didn’t take any pictures so you all will just have to go and visit yourselves. We headed back to the hotel after the church so that the kids could get a nap in before dinner.

Getting ready for a fancy dinner! Our trip coincided with the trip that David’s former school takes every year to Rome, so we planned to meet up for dinner each night. The teachers were all in on it, but it was a surprise for the kids (his former students) and it was so fun to see their reactions! We really enjoyed seeing friends and catching up with everyone.

It started raining on our walk home after dinner, and being true Pacific Northwest kids these two loved it!

Our first full day in Rome was busy, but probably the day we did the least walking. Everything we did was pretty close together and created a nice loop ended back around near our hotel. This was also the only day it didn’t pour rain! More tomorrow!


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