Rome day 4: One poncho and three new pairs of shoes later.

It rained all day, and for the first time in his life Patrick expressed a dislike for it. This was our least full day by far mostly due to the fact that it was a nonstop torrential downpour from beginning to end. Our one and only site seeing goal for the day was to get to the Villa Borghese, and it took us most of the day to get there.

Granted we did not take the most direct route. We started our day by retracing our steps from yesterday, past the Trevi fountain to a glasses shop. I had bought new sunglasses the day before, but they need a day for the lenses. They took the prescription right off my regular glasses and put new lenses with my prescription in the sunglasses! AMAZING!

After picking up the sunglasses we headed in the direction of the Spanish Steps. We made it about halfway before Patrick’s feet were soaked through. Pair of shoes number one purchased. ✅

With new socks and shoes acquired and fortified with gelato and espresso we made it to the Spanish Steps and found some lunch.

Our server made this rose out of a paper napkin for Ellie at the end of our meal. Needless to say she loved it!

As lunch finished up David came to the conclusion that his feet weren’t just cold, they were soaking wet. So off we went in search of new shoes and socks for him too! My feet were also feeling a bit damp, but I was hoping that I could get by with just new sock. 🤞

With our second pair of new shoes purchased, and with new dry socks myself we headed up the stairs. About half way up my socks were already soaked again, and we agreed that if a shoe place came up I should look for something new too. On a side note I am now on the hunt for what the farm girl in me would call “boot grease.” I just need to figure out what it’s actually called… Any help with that dad?

Evidence of how wet and cold we all were. Look at that face! Patrick is usually the one complaining he is not allowed to play in the rain at school! Not that I blame him is pants were soaked through!

About halfway up the hill to we came across a shoe shop and acquired our third pair of new shoes for the day. On our way back out the zipper on Ellie’s raincoat fell apart and we had to get her plastic ponchos like the ones sold to tourists who come unprepared. We are now up to three pairs of shoes, and one pink disposable poncho! From here on until we made it to the museum it didn’t take a single picture. All of our energy was focused on making it to our goal and getting out of the rain.

Eventually we made it and our first stop was the cafe for a hot drink and some other treats. After we finished up we went to get our tickets to go inside only to discover we had to wait till the next entry time in 45 minuets. In retrospect we should have bought tickets first before getting our treats, but some how we easily used up most of that time going to the bathroom! 😂

If you are going yourself, I would highly recommend buying your tickets as soon as you arrive and then getting a coffee and a snack while you wait for your entry time. The carrot cake was especially tasty.

The museum is amazing and totally worth the visit! We were a little rushed (due to dinner plans) so I took very few pictures. Guess we will just have to go back, take our time and get some more!

After a quick tour we rushed off to one last dinner with all of our Explorer West friends. It was so great to see everyone!

More tomorrow on our morning adventure before we caught our flight home.

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