Rome day 5: one last thing before we head home.

Our flight home wasn’t until the evening so we decided to squeeze one more thing in before heading to the airport.

On our way out and about on day one we had walked past Trajan’s Market, a museum complex that included Trajan’s Imperial Forum. Since it was still raining, (and we were still damp from the day before) we thought that doing something inside would be good.

My little Romans 😂

The museum was really interesting and it was mostly empty. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and it’s so close to so many other big attractions that I think it gets overlooked. They have a great kids map that leads through the whole museum, and was very informative. If you are going to Rome add it to your list!

Once we finished up at the museum we treated ourselves to one more gelato and coffee before catching a taxi to the airport.

Through security and waiting for our flight.

The flight back to Rabat wasn’t too bad, but once we landed in Rabat we still had a bit of traveling left to do before we got home. From the Rabat airport we had a taxi ride to the train station, an hour train ride, and then a 20 min tram ride in order to get home.

Ellie fell asleep on the train ride home and slept all the way till be got to our apartment. In retrospect David and I have agreed we would rather have paid a bit more to fly from Casablanca. All the extra travel to get home, especially at the end of the trip was really hard.

I’ll have more thoughts on budget airlines and the “travel” part of our trip in a separate post.

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