Last day of school

And just like that the school year is over! Patrick and David have just left for the last day of school, and from my perspective it just flew by! Technically David still has conferences tomorrow, but not classroom time, soooo close enough! We had Patrick’s official end of the year conference a few days ago so that David could attend too, and the growth we have seen in him this year has been astounding. I will be forever grateful that he had the teachers he had this year. Mrs A and Miss B were exactly what Patrick needed in his transition to full time school. Having the right teachers for your child as they begin their school career is a gift beyond measure since they set the tone for your child’s whole education, and these two were the best. Knowing that Ellie will be in the same program with the same quality teaching staff next year really helps me feel more comfortable about her going to school full time.

On their way out the door to the first day of School.

Headed out to the last day of School this morning.

Looking at these two pictures back to back makes me go awww…. He has grown so much this year!

This also marks the end of our first “year” as expats. What a year it has been! Both individually and as a family we have grown and changed so much in the last ten months it’s a little hard to wrap my head around. As we pack and prepare for an epic summer vacation I’m left knowing we made the right choice for our family. Living the expat life has one hundred percent had its ups (travel! And family time!), and its downs (distance from extended family, and total lack of control over some things), but I feel that for us the good has far outweighed the bad. My children are more confident and flexible than I ever imagined they could be, and as a person I have learned so much about myself and what I am actually capable of. There have been times when I have felt pushed past my limits, only to realize that my limits have expanded.

This experience has been exactly what we needed in this season of our lives, and I’m looking forward to jumping right into the next year and the new experiences it will offer.

Here’s to epic summer adventures and more new experiences next year!

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