Killarney! And Puck Fair!

After a last goodbye to our countryside place (Patrick even cried while declaring it the best place ever), we tried to start the car to head on our way. Unfortunately the car would not start, despite our best efforts. After several efforts we had to get a tow truck out and David headed off to the airport with the truck to get it replaced while the kids and I waited behind. Fortunately we had the kindest Airbnb host and had the best neighbors so our afternoon was pretty comfortable.

So we were much later getting into Killarney than we planned, and we ate a late dinner and went straight to bed! Because the next day was Puck Fair day! The Puck Fair is held the 10th, 11th, and 12th of August every year in Killorglin and is one of the oldest fairs in Ireland. It was magic, and a really fun day. David even managed to get himself picked to be the volunteer for one of the Jugglers, which is particularly funny since he used to juggle and street preform himself back in the day. If you are ever in Ireland over those dates it should be on your list!

We spent much of the rest of our time in Killarney National Park, which is also pretty magical, just in a different way.

And after one last waterfall it was off to Dingle!

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