W. Cork (our last big stop)

Well the journey is coming to an end, and our last big stop was in a village called Ardfield. The space was not quite as amazing as the last one, but our hosts Rosie and Mike more than made up for that, they were such kind people.

It was a longer drive from Dingle to Ardfield, and I of course chose the scenic route to get off the peninsula. The route took us over Conner Pass (the highest pass in Ireland 😳), and the weather was less than ideal. There really is nothing that gets your heart pumping like seeing another car emerge from the fog on a narrow stretch of road right on the side of a cliff. It was nerve wracking, and I’m not sure that David will fully trust my route selection for a while! No pictures as I was busy clutching the seat and hoping we would make it through in one piece. 😬

Anyway on our first full day we hit the road in search of abandoned manor houses and stone circles. The manor house was a bust but the stone circle was pretty great!

On our way back we stopped at Castlefreke Park in hopes of fulling my wandering through the ruins of a building lust. We checked that box with the ruins of Rathbarry Church and a nice little hike.

The church was so beautiful and were the only people there!

Day two we went to the beach!

And our last full day we did the model railway village in Clonakilty. Pictures of the kids were nearly impossible here as they just wouldn’t be still! Too many exciting things to see!

We headed out the next morning, so that’s all for now!

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