We finally made it to Spain! It only took us a year of living just across the water… So for thanksgiving break we hopped on a plane and traded turkey dinner for tapas. We were gone five days, and four nights including travel days, but we kept it simple and just stayed in Barcelona the whole time. If there is one thing I’ve learned about traveling with little kids (who am I kidding I’ve learned tons of things and often several times over), it’s that less is more. So this trip we did one “big” thing each day and then just allowed the rest of the day to work itself out. We indulged in (haha read forced the kids to take) afternoon siestas and strolled the streets for some window shopping afterwards. We stayed up late and had dinner on “Spanish time,” and ate gelato afterwards. All in all we had a grand time.

We really only had 3 full days in the city, so on day 1 we went to Park Guell. Our ticket entry time was for 10a, and the park was already a bit crowded at that point. I think I would advise anyone going to get the earliest ticket time possible. I’m guessing it’s a little less busy first thing in the morning, but who knows I could be wrong! It was amazing anyway even with all the people. Most of the park is actually open to the public it’s just the inner area with all the famous stuff that you need a ticket to get into. So we arrived early to have a little time just to explore.

And then we went in… so be prepared for a picture overload!

We hit up Catalonia Square on our way home for a little pidgin chasing.

Day 2 we went to La Sagrada Família. Once again we had entry tickets for 10a and it was pretty busy even then so if I had it to do over I would likely pick an earlier time slot. But it was stunning even with all the people, the use of color and stained glass inside is just amazing. The juxtaposition between the work that has been recently completed and the older parts was really interesting to me, the building feels different from almost every angle.

After the church we hit up they playground across the street.

I have hardly any pictures of day 3 because we went to the Picasso museum and they don’t allow pictures. It’s a bit tucked away, but a great museum and a lot of interesting pieces of his work. I would totally recommend a visit! Our walk to the museum took us past this cool building Palau de la Música. If we had had more time (aka a longer child attention span) I would have investigated more, the inside through the windows looked even cooler.

And then it was time to catch our plane home. I’m sure we just barely scratched the surface of what Barcelona has to offer, but we had fun!

As I’m sure you all have noticed I haven’t been particularly inspired to write much here as of late. I’ll likely circle back around at some point, but my energy is in a few other directions right now.

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