A quick trip to Lisbon

Last weekend for my birthday and in celebration of David not having to go to Atlanta for the weekend, we decided to hoop a flight to Lisbon. The trip was definitely too short to see it all, or even come close. In fact I feel like we barely scratched the surface!

We stayed at a fancy hotel with adjoining rooms, which the kids thought was FANTASTIC! I’ve told them not to get too used to the idea as spending that much on lodgings isn’t likely to happen again any time soon… But it was fun while it lasted!

Our flight in was early Friday so we were in the city by lunchtime. We ate had a nap and then headed out to explore the Christmas market up the street.

Saturday was our only full day in town so we climbed the hill to the castle and spent a good chunk of the day exploring. It’s a beautiful city and the weather was fantastic!

Sunday afternoon we had a flight home to Casablanca, but before heading to the airport we went down to the waterfront for a little exploration and a coffee.

And that’s a wrap! We will have to go back and see more, but it was nice to dip our toe in the city and see what we were missing!

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