Christmas break in Belgium

January is almost over so I’m long overdue on writing this one, but here we go anyway! Patrick wanted a Christmas that “felt like Christmas” according to him. When pressed that ment it needed to be cold and Christmasy and preferably with snow. I told him I couldn’t make any promises about snow, but I would try on the rest.

So I spent some time on skyscanner looking for the cheapest direct flight I could get and the wheel of travel fortune landed on Brussels. Seriously this is how I book a lot of our trips, look for the cheapest direct flight and let’s go there. The worst part of flying for me is the going up and coming down so I like to limit the number of times we do that…

Anyway back to this trip. We flew into Brussels and spent about a week there seeing the city and visiting a childhood friend of mine.

The Brussels leg of this trip was a bit of a mixed bag sightseeing and adventure wise. Because we were there over Christmas a lot of things were closed and in all honesty we mostly just wanted to be cozy inside.

We did make a day trip to Ghent with my childhood friend Sierra and her husband which was really fun.

And on that adventure the kids acquired these sweet swords and shields. Which they promptly put to good use in the backyard at our airbnb.

Our one and only museum visit in Brussels to the museum of European history resulted in these gems.

And then we headed off to Breden and Ostend for the second half of our adventure. But I think I’ll make a separate post for that so that this one doesn’t get too long and picture crazy.

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