Christmas break in Belgium part 2

A day late, but I’m back to tell you about the second week of our Christmas vacation. For week two we hopped on a train and headed for the northern coast of Belgium. Our destination was the seaside village of Bredene. One relatively quick train ride and a bus ride later we were all settled into our airbnb.

The next morning we headed out for an adventure and a walk to a Napoleonic fort. The fort ended up being closed for the season (my bad) but we had a great walk on the beach getting there. It really reminded me of the Pacific North West and the beaches in Washington and Oregon.

And we found a great and amazingly large playground. It just went on and on! Around every sand dune was another structure! If we hadn’t been a little cold and wet we would have been there even longer.

But we were cold and a little wet so we started home and come across an indoor trampoline park! Seriously this place was the stuff that parental dreams! A nice cafe that serves beer, a massive free indoor playground, and for 9 euros an hour your kids can jump their little hearts out in a giant room full of trampolines! All of my pictures from inside are terrible, but this place was seriously great.

The next day we hopped on a train and went to Bruges for the day. Bruges is apparently known as the Venice of the north and the Medieval center of town is extremely well preserved. It’s a beautiful place, and we really enjoyed just wandering around.

We also went to an ice sculpture castle while we were there! My pictures from inside are terrible but “Elsa’s Castle” as Ellie named it was a big hit with the kids. It was sooooo cold inside!

We also spent a day in Ostend the closest big town to our airbnb. All in all it wasn’t my favorite city ever but we had fun, and the tall ship museum was really interesting.

Because we liked it so much we went back to Bruges a second time for another wander.

We also had a few days of staying close to home at our airbnb and we went back to the trampoline park again 😜

Then it was time to head home to Morocco. One 🚅 ride, one ✈️ and a 🚘 ride later and we were home.

I’ve planed our February break already and we are looking forward to exploring parts of Morocco we haven’t seen yet, but I’ll try and keep you updated on other happenings in the meantime!

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