Tangier and Northern Morocco

Well it’s already the second week of March and I still haven’t written about our trip to Tangier in February! Time marches on!

In all honesty it wasn’t our best trip ever, but then again they can’t all be amazing right? Last year for the February break we went to Rome and there was definitely a part of me that spent the whole trip wishing we had gone back there instead. We just weren’t feeling it for Tangier. We also were all sick with a cold, and a few days into the trip I found lice on both kids heads. But looking past all that, we had some really fun moments and explored some parts of Morocco we haven’t been to yet!

We spent a few days in Tangier exploring the city. With the new fast train Tangier is only 2h 10m from Casablanca so the journey was pretty easy.

We took a day trip to Chechaouen (the blue city).

And another day trip to Tétouan.

On our last day we hit up The American Legation Museum, which was a really interesting peak into the history of Moroccan/ American relations.

For a trip that felt like a major bummer about half the time, looking through all the pictures makes me smile. It wasn’t all bad, and some things were downright great.

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