Sahara and the South of Morocco

Spring break was a few weeks ago and we went on an adventure to the desert. I didn’t feel like it would be a good idea to plan the whole trip myself so we hired a tour company. We did a 5 day trip with Desert Majesty tours and they were great!

Our tour left from Marrakech so we took the train there the afternoon before and stayed in a nice hotel just across the street from the train station. They had a great pool with a big kiddie area and we spent a happy evening splashing around.

Tour Day 1

Our driver Abdoul picked us up bright and early in the morning and after we were all settled into the car the drive began! We stopped for a coffee and picture break late morning.

Our next stop was lunch in Ouarzazate, and then more driving to our guest house for the night in Zagora! Our room was on the top floor and the views were fantastic.

Tour Day 2

Zagora is the last big “city” before the desert. We were back in the car in the morning driving through the oasis on our way to our first night of desert camping.

Lunch was at a fantastic hotel in the oasis with a lovely saltwater pool. We all had a nice swim after lunch.

After lunch we were back in the car headed to meet our camel guide for our ride into our desert camp for the night. But first we stopped at a pottery collective. One thing I really loved about our guide was that he didn’t push the retail stops on us. He would mention what was upcoming, ask if we wanted to stop, but didn’t seem bothered if we said no. But because I’m my mothers daughter passing up a pottery shop is practically impossible.

The camel ride was fun but the novelty definitely wore off after the first 15 minutes. But the views were amazing!

David and I were both up in the early hours of the morning and the stars were unbelievable. They were so amazing we woke the kids up and took them outside to see the sky.

Tour Day 3

We rode the camels out again the next morning and that was a pretty uncomfortable experience. We were so sore from the day before! The camel guide took us back to meet Abdoul and then the days schedule involved off-roading through the desert to our next camp.

When I booked the trip I didn’t really think much about this part, and I think that I imagined it as gravel roads. I was so wrong! A lot of the first stretch was through the dunes, and absolutely all of it made me horribly carsick.

But we did make a little stop at this oasis. Patrick and I got out to stretch our legs, David stayed in the car with Ellie who was asleep.

By the time we arrived at our camp for the night I was pretty wrung out, and in need of a rest. David took the kids off exploring without me. These pictures are some of the most beautiful of the trip and I wish I had been out there with them.

Tour Day 4

The next day was more off-roading (and carsickness for me), and we made a little stop for some fossil hunting.

After several hours we finally made it back to paved roads, and lunch! After lunch was the very much anticipated (by me) carpet collective. I had hoped that we would be able to get one decent sized rug and I was so looking forward to the souvenir. We ended up buying 4 rugs because they were just so amazing.

Our guest house on this night was our favorite of the trip! The couple who ran it were wonderful and the food was fantastic.

Tour Day 5

Our final day! And the drive back to Marrakech. The main event for this day was Ait-Ben-Haddou which is a UNSCO world heritage site, and used in a lot of blockbuster movies.

We drove on to lunch at Telouet and visited the castle there as well.

We made it back to Marrakech that night, and couldn’t resist bowling that evening!

On the whole it was an amazing trip, and I’m so glad we went. It was a great last Morocco adventure before we leave in June.

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