Paris for the weekend

We are trying to soak up our proximity to Europe while we can, so last weekend we hopped a plane to Paris. I have an unfortunately large amount of Air France credit that I refuse to abandon so a quick trip to Paris seemed like a great use of it!

We caught a early morning flight on Friday and we were in the city in time for lunch.

After lunch we went to Jardin du Luxembourg (my favorite park in the city) to sail boats, and then down to the river to look at Notre-Dame. The damage is pretty extensive, and it was so crazy to be able to see right through the church.

Saturday was our only full day in the city and we had a 9:30 appointment at the Louve.

Sunday we had an early evening flight home, and we had planned to go to the Rodin Museum but David unfortunately was feeling horrible. So the kids and I went to the museum of natural history and he joined us later. We spent the morning wandering around there, and then picked up our bags, had lunch, and headed to the airport.

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