Long weekend in Tarifa

We have now been back from Tarifa for a week and we have finally adjusted to our normal timetable! Leave it to the kids to quit sleeping in right before the weekend! All week they have had to be woken up for school, and then just this morning they started getting up at their normal time again.

But let’s get back on track here! Tarifa! The little town at the far end of Spain, famous for windsurfing, but otherwise basically unheard of. We had a surprise long weekend due to when Ramadan ended and we decided to take one last final trip! ( I know I said Paris was going to be our last but we just couldn’t resist….) We locked in on Tarifa because it didn’t involve getting on an airplane, and we could do the whole trip relatively cheaply. I hate to fly, but if I had realized how sick the boat crossing would make me I might have rethought that requirement!

After we picked Tarifa I started reading about the town and absolutely everyone had the same thing to say “once you have been you will always want to go back” and “you will wonder why you haven’t been coming here already” and other things along the same lines.

Well they were all right. It’s a small town and if you stay in town you can walk basically everywhere within 10 minutes. There is no airport or train station so tourists are limited to those who arrive by car or take the ferry from Morocco. There also isn’t much to see from a traditional tourist point of view. But what they do have is amazing windswept beaches (great for windsurfing), beautiful scenery and national parks, great food, and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

We stayed 3 nights and it was a pretty good length for a first visit, although I think we could have done with one more day. We arrived late afternoon and after checking into our hotel we headed out for a wander around town.

On our first full day we went to the beach! But first we went to the grocery store for picnic supplies, and stopped at a kite store for kites. The beaches are beautiful and we found a spot with a tide pool beyond a little dune, which made the perfect place to play.

Then after a little nap we headed out for a little pre dinner playground time.

The next day we went for a little hike along the Mediterranean side of the coastline.

And then dinner and one last late night ice-cream and music stop.

Our final morning was spent wandering around and grocery shopping for salami to take back to Casablanca with us. A week later and we still have a solid stash of salami left, I think we might even make it last till we leave Morocco!

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