We have been back in the states almost a week now, and I’m finally getting a chance to reflect on our time in Morocco. We are officially expats now, and the experience has changed us in more ways than I can say.

We have had all of our “lasts” and said goodbye for now to all of our friends. We have had the last day of school, taken our last tram ride to the beach, and eaten our last water melon.

All the “lasts” have me thinking a lot about our time here. It’s been a grand adventure, and one of the best things we have ever done for our family. We are definitely ready to move on to our next adventure, but I think Casablanca will always hold a certain nostalgia for us.

When we moved to Morocco the kids were four and two! Ellie was just barely not a baby, and we leave Casablanca two years later with real kids! They grow so quickly in those younger years that I hardly recognize them as the kids we left Seattle with.

When I think of all the things that we have done in the last two years I look back on it with amazement. We explored a lot of Morocco, and made the most of living so close to Europe. I’m incredibly grateful for all the adventures we went on and all of the time we had together as a family. These last two years have truly changed our perspective on what a happy healthy life is.

It’s sad to close the chapter on the country that made us expats, but we are also excited for our upcoming adventure in Bahrain. I will be interested to see how the next two years shape us.

Our first week in Casablanca
And our last week

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