To Grandmas house we go!

I currently have service (which I think might be a rarity on this trip so I thought I would get a little update out there!

We made it to the states without any incidents and immediately jumped into operation get our shipment ready to go!

We had just a day to unpack, sort, and prep everything before the packers came to pack everything up for our shipment to Bahrain. We got it done and everything actually went really smoothly. Yay!

The very next day we loaded up the car and headed to grandmas house! Now grandmas house is in Bozeman Montana and we were in Seattle Washington so we split the drive into two shorter driving days and arrived on July 4th! Just in time for dinner and to see the fireworks.

We had a great visit with the grandparents, auntie RaRa and great grandpa. It was great to see everyone and get to know their new home in Bozeman. David and I even squeezed in a dinner date!

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