Mesa Verde National Park

We are currently in Ashland OR seeing a few shows, and staying in an AirBNB with WiFi. Yay! So my quest to get caught up on blog posts about each of our stops continues!

After Rocky Mountain our next stop was Mesa Verde. On our way there we drove through Boulder for breakfast at the tea room, and a trip down memory lane for David. The drive was a bit of a long one, and we didn’t arrive at our campsite till dinner time.

The campsite has (so far) been one of our favorite sites on this trip. Each site was its own space with plenty of privacy, and the campground had plenty of amenities including free showers! Yay!

We really only had one morning to explore before we started the long drive to the Grand Canyon. We made the most of our time there, but definitely feel like we need to go back and see more!

We didn’t have time for a hike to view the dwellings more closely, but we explored all of the Mesa top dwellings, and vowed some of the rock dwellings from afar. Going back and hiking into the canyon to see them up close is totally on my bucket list now!

A few hours into our drive we couldn’t resist a stop at Four Corners. Who doesn’t want to stand in four states at once? It was sooooo hot, and sooooo sunny that the pictures are actually pretty bad, but it was a cool experience anyway.

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