Bahrain. My thoughts so far.

I still need to finish off our summer posts but things got a bit hectic toward the end of our trip as we put all of our focus into packing and preparing for the move. We have been in Bahrain now for almost a week, and we are beginning to feel settled in. We have gotten local SIM cards, and made our first trip to Ikea. I’ve found a few grocery store options, and we managed to buy the kids uniforms for school. Next up is internet and a bank account, now that David has his residency card.

Yay for a quick residency process! David had his official card in hand by our 4th day here! The kids and I are in process now, but this is already a vast improvement over the Moroccan process.

As expected it’s HOT here right now, but I hear it will start to cool off soon, and our villa has AC throughout so we haven’t been suffering through it at all. Speaking of housing the villa is lovely! Light, spacious, and the kids each have their own room! We have a garden (aka a yard) which is pretty exciting, and we are looking forward to many happy hours out there once the weather cools off a bit.

Being back in a culture/ environment where we need to have a car has been a bit of an adjustment. I’m really missing the ease of my grocery shopping routine in Morocco. Having to plan and shop for a few meals at a time feels so foreign to me right now! It’s funny the things that feel the most challenging as you begin to adjust to a new environment, and for some reason this is one of them for me. I really loved being able to shop daily for what we needed, and to be able to pop right downstairs to the BIM (small grocery) if I had forgotten something. It helped us be less wasteful with food, and I will have to figure out how to achieve that here as well. I have been hearing that there is a farmers market in the winter months, so I’m really looking forward to checking that out in December.

I have yet to really take any pictures here…. The house is still in a pretty messy post-arrival state, but I’ll close with this one of the kids making their own fun. Who needs toys when you have boxes?

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