First week of school and a little settling in update.

It’s the weekend yay! The work/ school week here is Sunday – Thursday, making the weekend Friday and Saturday. We are mentally still making the shift, but it’s really not a big deal. It’s still five days of school and two days off. This weekend is different, it’s a 3 day weekend with the Islamic New Year on Sunday so we have Friday – Sunday off.

The kids were excited to start school this week and so far seem to really be loving it! Both have fantastic teachers who really seem to get them as people. The school day is 8-3 but the early years (Nursery up to Kindergarten) get out at 1:45. So far that’s worked out just fine, we are a short (less than 5min) walk to school. I walk over and pick Ellie up at 1:45 and then we walk home and spend an hour just the two of us before we go back together and pick Patrick up at 3. So far we have mostly spent the hour finishing her lunch, and I expect that will continue to be the case. We have to provide both morning snack and lunch for the kids, and I’m still struggling to get the proportions right. The first day Patrick ate everything I sent with him and it wasn’t enough, and Ellie on the other hand has yet to finish all her food at school.

It’s hard to believe they are 1st Grade and Pre-K already. Every year the phrase “they grow so fast” feels more and more relevant. It’s a pleasure to watch them grow, and to see the people they are becoming. But it’s also crazy to feel like they were babies just yesterday!

With the start of school we are really beginning to settle into regular life here. It’s still really HOT but it’s expected to cool down in the next few weeks, and we have AC throughout the house so we aren’t suffering too much from it. I’m looking forward to slightly cooler weather and more time outside.

Our weekends still seem to be full of getting organized tasks, a local bank account, internet, and finding whole bean coffee are on our list for this weekend. We have some fun things planned as well, so I’ll try and update next week!

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