Yosemite National Park

The morning after our long haul drive from The Grand Canyon to Death Vally we hopped right back into the car headed for Yosemite National Park. Originally we had planned to get up early and Drive through Death Valley on our way, but with our late arrival the night before we just couldn’t swing it. So we got a later start and skipped Death Valley all together. Sometimes you have to give something a miss just to save everyone’s sanity.

The drive to Yosemite proved to be longer than expected thanks to us picking the route that “looked shorter” on the map and the fact that we had to drive all the way through the park to get to the main valley where our campsite was for the first night.

Our campsite the first night was in Lower Pines, and as soon as we arrive we knew it wasn’t for us. It hardly felt like camping or being “in the wilderness” at all. The campsites were so close together and crowded with people, and there were cars parked everywhere. When I booked Yosemite way back in May the original plan had been to book all 3 nights in the valley, but the campsites sell out so quickly that I was only able to get one night in the valley, and I had to book the other two nights at Hodgdon Meadows. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we knew within half an hour of arrival that we would have been very unhappy with 3 nights in the valley.

But we enjoyed our one night there, and spent a bit of time wandering around the next morning before moving north to Hodgdon Meadows.

The drive to Hodgdon Meadows was mercifully short after several days of long drives. We throughly enjoyed our two nights there and went on a nice little hike to a waterfall.

After our two nights we packed up our things and drove to Yuba City to visit with my Dad for a few days.

On the whole Yosemite was not one of my favorite National Parks. It was so crowded, and busy that it just didn’t feel relaxing at all, especially in the valley. It’s not at the top of my list of places to go back to , but if we did I would go in the winter in hopes of encountering less crowds.

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