Patrick turns 7

As seems to happen frequently with me I’ve fallen off the writing wagon again. It’s hard to set up a life in a new place and I’m amazed by how much of my focus it takes.

Patrick oh my what a guy. He amazes me all the time and I can’t believe what a lovely little person he is. He is so empathetic and intelligent and just an overall kid person. I’m proud to be his mommy. I also can’t believe he is SEVEN! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since he was a baby.

His birthday was on a Thursday (the last day of the school week here) and we had a party for him that Saturday. Out shipment finally arrived on his birthday, which was amazing, and so poetic. Happy birthday indeed! Having our stuff has really made it feel so much more like home.

We had an afternoon party with all the kids on the street and it was so much fun! After a few games and some dancing, we had cake, and then a treasure hunt to the playground! David planned the whole hunt and it was really a lot of fun.

One comment

  1. Beautiful boy Salina! You are lucky to be in his orbit. My mom would say “he has the map of Ireland printed on his face”. He does look quite Irish. I wish we all saw you more often. Maybe next time you will come to Maine. Stay well and safe! Lots of love, Lani



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