After Yellowstone

I know it’s October, but I’m still trying to finish up those posts about our summer! I know I’m also overdue for an update on our life in Bahrain…. but I’ll have to save catching up on that for later! For now back to our summer adventures!

After Yellowstone we drove to my dads place to visit for a few days. Fortunately for us it was a short drive (only a few hours) from the closest park exit to our campsite. So that ment we did have to break camp at dawn or arrive in the dark.

My dad took us out to Empire Mine State Park on one of our days, which was a fun day out and a trip down memory lane. Dad and I had been there before on a previous road trip when I was a kid, so I found it particularly fun to go back and see it from a different perspective.

We also went to the train museum in Sacramento one day which was fun, but I was so engrossed and the kids were so on the go that I didn’t take any pictures. We also just spent time hanging at home, playing grandpa’s piano, and running through the sprinkler in the back yard.

It was a fun visit and we really enjoyed our few days there. Our next destination was the Redwoods, but in typical fashion for us we underestimated the drive time to get there so we didn’t arrive until dinner time. But I’ll save the Redwoods for their own post next time.

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